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Familiarisation Trips

Familiarisation trips can serve as an invaluable tool for tour operators, tourism boards, and destination management organisations. By leveraging TripMapper for Business as your itinerary builder for your FAM trips, you’ll enhance the overall experience for your guests from the word go, a perfect start to making a great impression.

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How TripMapper helps with FAM trips

We've put together a summary of the key benefits you can enjoy from the TripMapper for Business platform.

Seamless planning

Seamless planning process for your team

TripMapper for Business is the best travel incentive planning software to help curate visually stunning travel itineraries. Our user-friendly interface ensures organising activities, restaurants, accommodation, and transportation, is a seamless planning process for your team.

Impress fam

Impress your FAM trip guests

Enhance your guests' experience by presenting itineraries via our mobile-friendly link or generating a beautiful PDF. With TripMapper you'll always create itineraries your guests will love. A great first impression of what they have instore!

Collaborative approach

Collaborative approach

We know it's important to consider your guests' time during the trip. That's why in addition to the planned items on your itinerary, we allow the guests to add their own private items to the itinerary if they have free time. This collaboration enhances engagement and personalisation.

Get ahead

Give your guests something different from the word go!

Change main content to: No other business planning platforms seamlessly sync with an already established top-rated consumer travel planning platform. Any trip itinerary your FAM guests accept can be accessed on TripMapper Personal with all premium subscription features given to your guests free of charge.

Collect feedback

A place to collect feedback

When your guests provide feedback after the trip or tour, save it within your CRM. That feedback can help improve your offerings and can help refine future itineraries.

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