Client Proposals

TripMapper for Business allows tour operators, DMCs, and travel agents to create and send beautifully designed digital and PDF travel proposals easily. We provide your travel business with the digital tools you need to showcase and share your proposed itineraries in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner designed to inspire and impress your clients.

Bespoke Itineraries
Sare with one link example proposal

Share with one simple link

TripMapper for Business has been meticulously designed to optimise usability and provide flexibility - and that includes sending proposals.

Once you're ready to share your digital proposal with your client, simply send the uniquely generated link, and in just one click, your client will be able to view it on their laptop, tablet or phone anytime, anywhere. Assuming they are dazzled with what you've prepared, they can accept the proposal digitally, you'll be notified, and the platform will automatically update. 

Proposal email

Or, send it via email

If you'd prefer to send your proposal by email, we've got you covered too. Use our built-in messaging tool to send the proposal directly to your client. They’ll receive an email (containing your branding) setting out your tailored message and a unique link to view the beautiful proposal you have crafted for them.

Trusty pdf

Or even a trusty PDF

Our tour operator software has been designed to be flexible, allowing for a plethora of preferences. To ensure all your clients are catered for, our platform also gives you the option to send your proposed itinerary in a gorgeous print-friendly PDF, in addition to sending a digital proposal.