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Visitors want to know the best a destination has to offer from a trusted source; you. TripMapper for Business’ Showcase functionality allows you to easily share and promote your destination's itineraries. We’ve got the tools to help your destination shine!

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How TripMapper helps DMOs

We've put together a summary of the key benefits you can enjoy from the TripMapper for Business platform as a destination marketing organisation.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

We've used our knowledge of what today’s travellers value in the travel lifecycle; intuitive technology and category-leading UX design. TripMapper has been meticulously designed to optimise usability with a simple, streamlined workflow without sacrificing its beautiful aesthetic.

Increase awareness

Increase awareness and make your destination more discoverable

By focusing on end-to-end itineraries, you can share experiences, attractions, eateries and accommodations from across the destination, increasing awareness of what your destination has to offer. Categorise your itineraries to make them more discoverable based on visitors' preferences.

Enhance familiarisation

Enhance your familiarisation trips

Use TripMapper to curate and share visually stunning travel itineraries tailored to the specific goals of your FAM trips.

Retain control

Retain control

You retain control of your itineraries and narrative, allowing for strategic promotion. Easily create itineraries which include lesser-known attractions and experiences, encouraging visitors to explore and engage with local businesses and communities beyond the popular hot spots in your destination.

Economic opportunities

Providing economic opportunities for the local communities

If you're a tourist board, designing and promoting your own itineraries allows for a more equitable distribution of tourism, providing economic opportunities for the local communities, smaller businesses, artisans, and service providers within the area.

Get ahead

Get ahead of other destinations

TripMapper will give your destination the edge. No other business planning platforms seamlessly sync with an already established top-rated consumer travel planning platform. Any trip itinerary your visitors to FAM guests accept can be accessed on TripMapper Personal with all premium subscription features given to your visitors and guests free of charge.

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