Invoicing and Payment

Quickly and easily split trip payments across all paying travellers, issue invoices and allow online payment via Stripe. It couldn’t be easier!

Invoicing and payment
Online and pdf invoicing

Online and PDF Invoicing

Elevate your clients' payment experience with TripMapper for Business. Send a private link for a dynamically updated trip invoice, ensuring real-time visibility of a trip's payment status. Stay informed together!

Alternatively, opt to send a printable PDF invoice. TripMapper offers flexibility to ensure the process is seamless for you and your clients.

Online payment

Online Payment

Streamline your payment process effortlessly using Stripe, a trusted payment gateway. With Stripe, you can efficiently accept payments from your clients, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. Nominal transaction fees apply.

Offline payment

Offline Payment

Easily track and record all transactions from various payment sources, including those received outside of the platform, ensuring comprehensive financial oversight and accuracy.

Split payments

Split Payments

Have a group trip and need to invoice each traveller separately? No problem! You can easily split payments in TripMapper and assign different amounts to each payer, ensuring that each traveller is invoiced only for their share. The platform allows for easy tracking and recording of all transactions received from each payer.