Client Itinerary App

The TripMapper for Business platform seamlessly integrates with our award-winning 'TripMapper Personal' mobile app and web app, allowing you to effortlessly invite your clients to access their beautiful bespoke itineraries and travel-related files anytime.

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Build client excitement and anticipation

Impress your clients and enhance their experience even before their trip begins by giving them access to their beautiful itinerary and tickets on our award-winning web and mobile app. The app has been meticulously designed to optimise usability without sacrificing great aesthetics.

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Attach files, add flights and set reminders

Centralise all trip plan information by attaching tickets and booking confirmations, adding flight numbers, and setting client reminders. Sharing itineraries through the app makes the process so much more convenient for both travel professionals and your clients.

Want to update the itinerary? No problem! Any changes you make are automatically updated in the app.

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Cross-platform app

Your clients can access and view their travel itinerary and travel-related files on the web, iOS and Android. anytime, anywhere. Both iPhone and Android users can view their itinerary offline.

Clients can still download a PDF itinerary directly from the app should they wish - we've covered all bases to ensure no clients are ever left out.

Contains your branding

Your client is exposed to your logo and chosen colour scheme within the app, reinforcing brand identity and maintaining a consistent look and feel for your clients.

Our app solution allows your travel business to expand its offering, gain competitiveness and impress your clients.

Set permissions

You can choose your client’s level of itinerary access. Give clients the freedom to add their own items to the itinerary to create a more personalised experience, or limit them to viewing only. Customisation is key!

Champions of Design!

TripMapper was honoured to have won the ‘Champions of Design’ award at London's prestigious Travolution Awards in late 2023. 

The accolade speaks to the app's intuitive interface, cutting-edge aesthetics, and exceptional functionality - the sole purpose of which is to elevate your client's experience and leave a lasting impression of the excellent service you have provided.